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Are you a member of a CSA?

Started by TheMenuMom , author of The Menu Mom | Recipes | Menu Planing 4/23/2012 8:00:10 AM

Are you a member (or have you ever been) of a CSA?  (Community Supported Agriculture)

I think they are AMAZING for people who live in the city.  We belonged to our local one for a year, but because we live in the country, and have lots of space for gardening, we decided it was more beneficial for us to grow what we love ourselves. 

For those who do not have space to garden, do not have time to garden, or do not desire to garden, a CSA is the perfect answer!  I love that they are available!  It's a great way to support local farmers in your community and obtain fresh local organic produce. 

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I have never looked into one in our city, I did for awhile subscribe to a home delivery of organically grown local produce that was great! I do buy a lot at the local farmer's market in season too.


Reply by Emily

author of Busy Mom 4/23/2012 9:16:15 AM

We have a garden and I go to the farmer's market. If I lived in a huge city, a CSA would probably be the best choice!

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