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Is Psycho-Education for You?

Started by The Psycho-Educational Teacher , author of The Psycho-Educational Teacher: Helping Students with Recurrent Behavior Problem 6/30/2011 8:28:37 AM

Psycho-education is an enhanced behavior management approach based on the principle that, no matter how severe a behavior problem is, all children can grow socio-emotionally and can learn how to self-control behavior. Psycho-educational teachers believe that socio-emotional growth takes place when children understand the role that emotions play in their school difficulties. This therapeutic approach aims at helping children understand how their troubling feelings and emotions influence their behavior. A teacher trained in psycho-education applies skilled child guidance techniques to help children develop effective coping strategies, self-control of behavior, and social problem-solving skills. Psycho-educational principles and techniques include cognitive (thinking), affective (feelings), and behavioral aspects. My blog The Psycho-Educational Teacher is a "must read" for teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents with an interest in psycho-educational theory and methods to help children with recurrent behavior problems. If you feel this profile matches your professional needs and interests, I cordially invite you to join my blog and/or community The Therapeutic Classroom.

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