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Scented Soy Candles!

Started by Lady Fabulous , author of Lady Fabulous Luxury Boutique 8/1/2011 2:03:57 PM

Hello Girlfriends!!
I am considering adding Scented Soy Candles to my online boutique.  I love candles, I love the way they make my house smell as well as how they can change the mood in any room!  I have tried many different types, brands, sizes, & scents of candles...  these have surpassed any & all other candles I have ever tried!! They burn evenly, lasting much longer than you would think considering they are only 4 inches tall, & them smell... oh my, the wonderful aromas last in the air well in the week... yes, I said the week - not just a day or two ~ just a few reasons why I'm considering adding them to my hand selected inventory!!

The question now is... which scents would you prefer?? 

~ Apple Cinnamon ~ Asian Ginger ~ Black Orchid ~ Cafe Ole ~ Clean Linen ~ Cool Wave ~ Cranberry Creme ~ Creme Brulee ~ Desert Breeze ~ Mango Tango ~ Orangesicle ~ Pear Berry ~ Carribean Coconut ~ Dozen Roses ~ Fresh Cranberry ~ Green Tea ~ Hot Butter Rum ~ Island Pear ~ Jasmine ~ Jungle Gardenia ~ Juniper ~ Just Peachy ~ Key Lime ~ Lavender ~ Lemongrass ~ Lotus Blossom ~ Pink Grapefruit ~ Peppermint Twist ~ Pink Grapefruit ~ Plumeria ~ Sherwood Forest ~ South Beach ~ Southern Magnolia ~ Spring Clean ~ Sugar Cookies ~ Sweet Raspberry ~ Tropical Paradise ~ White Tea ~

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