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Anyone have a kindle?

Started by Kimberly , author of 6/20/2011 12:33:29 PM

So, my amazing husband (who can't keep a secret to save his life) informed me last night he already got my anniversary gift for next month!  He went on and on about how he wasn't sure if I would like it.... but the more he thought about it, he thought I would...

I hate when he does this, but to entertain him, I asked a couple questions... (I'm not one to peak at presents before its time)

I asked if I didn't like it, could it be returned? He said: Yes, you can return anything to Amazing...

I immediately thought.. KINDLE!

He said if you guess it, I'll tell you.... against my own judgement, I blurted out KINDLE!?


So, tell me all you can about how you love your kindle and any tips or tricks you have! I can't wait to get it now!

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I love, love love the kindle,  i have the black and white one but i dont care,   i love it anyway.  so simple to use,  great reading , easy access to all books,  and very easy to carry.


You will love it

Did he get you the color screen?


Reply by Kimberly

author of 4/23/2012 9:45:08 AM

I don't have the color screen, but i'm okay with that. I love it! My 7 year old even loves reading on it! Now of course they have the kindle fire with wifi... *sigh.

Always something new coming up! :)

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