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Exfoliating products usually make my cheeks dry or rosy, do you have a tip?

Started by Diane , author of Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Skin Care Executive Consultant #044939 4/29/2011 5:04:22 PM


Many times, dry, red and irritated skin on the cheeks or the chin area is the result of over exfoliation. Either using the product in one place too long or under too much pressure can disrupt the delicate lipid barrier and lead to cosmetic intolerance syndrome. Change the way you scrub and apply the cleanser to the finger pads and use small circles to gently massage the entire face. Finger pads have the most sensitivity and can detect pressure better. Do not stay in one place too long. Let the product do the work--no extra pressure is required.  Also, do not use a wash cloth or osculating brush to cleanse as they absorb much of the treatment wash (wasteful) and may cause over exfoliation. Also, wash cloths are notorious for bacteria.


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