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Is your blog on your own domain?

Started by Aprile , author of The Steady Hand « Crafty SAHM sharing thoughts on life, crafts, reviews an 5/15/2011 6:56:35 PM

Have you bought your own domain for your blog yet? If not, are you planning on it?

I now have 2 domains. 1 for my store, and 1 for my blog, In the beginning, I never thought I would own my own domain much less 2. The 1st one I bought thru Weebly and the 2nd thru GoDaddy. The prices on GoDaddy are much much better!!!

Where did you by your domain?

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Reply by As Seen On TV Shopper

author of As Seen On TV Items - Infomercials TV 5/15/2011 7:00:49 PM

Just about all my domain names are through godaddy. I like having them all there easier to maintain. I have quite a few.


Reply by Melinda

author of myyearofhugs 5/15/2011 8:03:35 PM

Wordpress made it easy to purchase my domain and I think it was through godaddy.  I purchased mine because I wanted something easy people would remember if I ever casually mentioned my blog to them.

I also use GoDaddy, I've never tried any of the others, I liked their prices and their reputation so that was good enough for me.  I use hosting.  Who do you use?



Reply by Michelle

author of We Believe in Christmas 5/15/2011 8:34:01 PM

We use 1&1 for our webpage.  My husband has used them for years.

I received free domain hosting thru GoDaddy from Blogelina when I signed up for her Affiliate Program and I purchase my domain thru them as well.


Reply by LilacsNDreams

author of LilacsNDreams 5/15/2011 11:28:15 PM

I have 3 domains through Go Daddy. I have enjoyed their pricing, 1 time I had to call & had great customer support with everything fixed right away, and love how easy it is to redirect my domain to another place if need be. I have watched what others said, and read things, and of course everyone will always have their own opinions & issues which is very understandable. I have seen many complain about having domains with other companies, and when they cancelled with them how hard it was to get their domain away from them, or the issues they would have in directing their domain to where they wanted it, and etc.

With Go Daddy I have never had an issue with them, and once I pay my fee for my domain, the domain is mine, and I have no issues in doing what I want with it too.

I have the .com for my blog, the .net for my store blog, and then also the .co for my weebly website......I am happy so far:)

I bought my business domain name through

Sweet Simplicity Designs

I also bought my husband's domain for his music.





Reply by Kat

author of Mama's Losin' It! 5/16/2011 8:07:52 AM

I own somewhere in the neighborhood of eight domains I think. It's crazy I know, but you just never know when one might come in handy! Bought them all through Bluehost, my server. :)

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