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Started by Wollf , author of TagVillage Rants 3/23/2011 7:28:26 PM




1. Connect

tagvillage is multi-social
  • Here.
  • There.
  • Everywhere.

tagvillage is a social site that talks to other social sites. Post information on your tagvillage page and your friends will see it on the social sites you tell us to broadcast to. Upload a picture to your tagvillage photo album and it automatically updates photo albums on other sites.

If a friend posts information on their page at another social site, you can see it on your tagvillage page by integrating network feeds. If a business associate invites you to an event on another site, you won’t miss out by not being logged in to that site, you will see it here on your tagvillage page.

No longer will you be forced to keep multiple tabs open to keep up with what is going on at each of your social sites. They are all integrated with tagvillage. Post here, share there. Get an alert there, see it here. All your social information in one convenient spot!


tagvillage also includes a built-in search engine. But this isn’t just any old search engine. This is a multi-search engine. We like to call it “Search Democracy”. At first, it will seem like any organic search engine out there. As you use it more and more, you will see it is very different. It learns, it gets to know you, it helps you find what you are really looking for!

Social Search to find people, pages, and organizations related to your topic and connect with them. At the same time, Web Search to find websites and articles related to your topic. Then take control. With “Search Democracy” you can narrow down your search results to the ones that are most relevant to YOU! Not the ones relevant to some guy over there on the other side of the world.

Members can rate and review sites, businesses, and other search results. As they do so, they improve the rankings of listings in the search results for other people in their social network. Looking for a good auto mechanic in your city? Enter “auto mechanic” and the top ranked listings will be the ones recommended by people you actually know and are connected to in the social network.



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