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Started by joyce , author of MissCouponDiva 7/28/2012 10:12:50 AM

I love coupons. I went to the store this morning because I had a few coupons that were going to expire tomorrow and I wanted to share them. You know me I am always looking in someone else’s cart. I noticed I had coupons for a few items in one cart so I asked would they mind getting a different brand if they could get them for free.  So we switched a few items. To my surprise the young lady started to cry. She said she was going to have to put some items back because she did not have enough money. Now since was getting free items she could get all her items. I hugged and said” Coupons are money baby”.   I later did a happy dance went my $69.36 groceries cost $1.38. Yeah


                          Happy Shopping

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