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First Annual Magical Season of Giving Event

Started by Amanda , author of Hippies, Beauty, and Books Oh My! 10/6/2011 8:50:27 AM

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the First Annual Magical Season of Giving! This year my co-host is Kimberly from In the Outhouse blog, and we both are very excited to get this event underway!

About The First Annual Magical Season of Giving:

This event is in a way for bloggers and our followers to get into the spirit of giving this holiday season. We all know that times are rough right now and we hope that by holding this event we can put some cheer into everyone’s holidays in our own way. We are going to begin now with sign-ups! Think of it like a sort of “secret santa.” Everyone will sign up to participate and we will match you with one other person to exchange gifts with.

Please read the rules and then FILL OUT THE FORMS to enter!

The Rules:

-If you sign up for this event, you're PROMISING that you will, no matter what, fulfill your end of the agreement and send over (1) book to the blogger or blog follower. You may send more if you would like to. If you have any problems fulfilling this duty, please talk to one of the hosts RIGHT AWAY.

-International people are more than welcome to join! Please remember that there is the Book Depository and they ship for free!

-Sign-ups close November 18th, 2011 at Midnight EST.

-Please do not reveal yourself to your assigned blogger/person until after December 25th. Thank You e-mails would be good manners!

-You MUST send over a book before December 1st so that it can arrive to the recipient’s house in time for, or a little after December 25th.

-The book MUST be in perfect condition, and listed in your assigned recipient’s wish list.

-Even if you don't celebrate the holidays, you're more than welcome to join

-IMPORTANT!! Please contact me by e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook when you have fulfilled your gift giving! I need to make sure everyone is receiving a gift and that no one is left out! That would be a major bummer!

Extra Generosity

We would also like to display everyone’s wish lists in an open form for everyone to see, for people who are feeling extra generous and would like to send another person a gift. This is not a requirement and you do not have to participate. Please only sign up on the separate form if you have already signed up to participate in the main program.

PLUS! For those that decide to participate in the Extra Generosity proportion of this event and can show me some sort of proof that you sent someone an extra gift, I (Amanda) will be sending two random people 1 item off of their wish list, possibly more depending on how many participate.

Don’t forget to add the event banner button to your blog if you have one (this is coming very soon)! The more people we have signing up the more fun this event will be! Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, and/or writing blog posts would also be helpful in getting the word out!

We hope to see everyone there!!

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