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I'm a Winner!! Are you a Winner?

Started by Angela , author of Lottery Code Breaker Newsletter Blog 2/7/2011 1:03:46 PM

Yes, we all are!  I win PIck 3 and Pick 4 a minimum of 6 to 10 times a month! 

I hit pick 3 and pick 4 either box or straight.  Mostly boxed with pick 4; however, my last straight win with pick 4 was for $2700 in November 2010--just before Christmas!!  Winning ticket proofs on my website.!  2Gs!  That was long time coming! 

Right now I've been working my "Hot Pick 3s"!  They are HOT!  So far, out of 9 numbers recommended to post in various States for the week, 27 States have "HITS" out of 43 participating States. 

Now that goes to show you that what I discovered about "patterns and number sequences" are universal and evident where ever Pick 3 and Pick 4 is played.


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Congratulations David!  Yes, you are a winner!  I'm so happy for you!  And I love that plug too!  You go boy!

Yippee!! I won $40 on 587 box Pick 3 hit midday today.  I like the small hits, because they keep me motivated for the big ones that's to come. 

Yet another one! Hit 746 boxed today midday in Maryland's pick 3!  The big one's coming...I can feel it!  Until then, $40 goes into the Lottery Money Playing Pool!  It's nice to have my lottery plays on them.

Got it!!! $290 BIG ONES!! 695 came straight tonight in Maryland's Pick 3!  Yippee!!!  Told ya...just be patient--the small ones leads to bigger ones! 

Alrighty now!  Caught 0175 Pick 4 Boxed last night! NET $100 for my 50 cent boxed play!  It should've been straight too.  I messed up.  I didn't write on my play slip the way I worked it out.  I played 5017.  That cost me thousands!!!  I should be $2500 richer today.  But, that's okay.  There's always another day.

New video illustration (Recognizing Chart Patterns For Repeat Pick 3 Pick 4 Hits) is an awesome reveal.  It is as close to real-time as it can get. Feb has produced a past winning numbers chart that is “riddled” with patterns. 

In the Video, I explain how one of them unfolds into a possible midday Pick 4 number prediction today (Saturday, 2-19-11). 

Today’s Midday Pick 4 - 8277; Pick 3 - 560.  Was I close or in-there?    It’s truly an awesome reveal.

Yet another one from this same pattern I demonstrated in the new video!  It's playing like precision clock work!  Had been waiting for this same pattern to play again so I could play.  I almost forgot to play too.  Got it in at the last minute!  $290!  Got it Straight!  Lovin it!

This pattern is H-O-T HOT!  Its been so predictable...well, sorta.  You really don't know if it will play or not.  The best thing to do is just play it.  If  you win...that's a good thing!  If you don't, well, try again.  But, if it plays and you didn't--that hurts.

The video pre-telling this pattern is an eye opener! I'm telling you...if you can catch a pattern early enough, you can get repeat hits like this month long! 

Evening Pick 3 was 585 in Maryland.  I played both 58x and x55 to be on the safe side because either of them could of played tonight.  Wouldn't you know they both would play together.  GOOOOD!  I had it boxed twice!  Superduper!! $80 x 2!! 

Yeah...I know!  I played it in straight order--but, I didn't play it straight.  Only box.  I ain't mad.  $160 Bucks is better than none at all!

Only a couple more days left in February--I think this post speaks for itself. 

Yes, I had a box hit on Friday evening (2/25) 331.  You know I caught them 3s I've been telling everyone to play. 

Yes, I had another box hit today, midday (2/26) 5597.  And tonight's Pick 4 in Maryland was 4444!  I don't know where in the world that one came from.  That truly came from left field.  It don't can't win them all any way.  I only want to catch the waves of a few patterns each month--I'm happy with that.  You would go bonkers if you tried to win every game!

If you want repeat hits throughout the month, this is THE system you will want to learn.  There is no other Pick 3 Pick 4 system that will show you how to reveal Multiple and Back-To-Back hits in the same month and how to play them to ensure a win!   

I put this poster style bragger on the front page of  This is a true testament to "1" Pattern Revealed produced REPEAT HITS throughout the month! 


Hi David,

I love seeing your "I Won" emails!  For a minute there, I thought you had stopped playing or something because I hadn't seen your "I Won" emails in a week or so. 

Sounds like you had a heads up on that 58 pattern!  I know you're happy you watched the New Video Tutorial on this pattern.  Just 6 minutes of your time helped empower you to produce a winning Pick 3 Ticket! 

You see that guys and girls!!  Don't under estimate a 6 minute video--its empowering!

You did the right thing by playing and not second guessing it.  You see how its been running hot here in Maryland.  Looks like its taking life in other States too--but, you saw it, played it and caught it! 

That's truly the Lottery Code Breaker's definition of "I Won!"

Congratulations David!

PS.  Watch out South Carolina Lottery ...David's on to you.

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