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Started by Shannon , author of My Life as a mother of a disabled child 4/1/2012 1:03:14 PM

I have custody of my niece. For the last year she has been telling me of her sister touching her and her sister touching herself in front of her. I have reported all of this to CPS and they did one investigation. She was too scared to tell them, so they dropped the case. Since then i have called in several times to report various things that have happened to her and they refuse to take any of my calls, they just put me to the cps workers voicemail. Now its happened again, only she finally was brave enough to tell her daycare worker. Now they are taking it seriously, because it did not come from me. They have accused me of filing false allegations to keep her from going home. Its insane. Have anyone experianced this before and what did you do to help your family get through it?

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