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My Stressed Out Kid:(

Started by Rosalie , author of Let's Help Our Kids Face Standardized Tests 2/18/2012 10:32:06 AM

We moms, spend much of our time mentoring and guiding our kids in their studies. Since the advent of No Child Left Behind policy, I noticed that a lot of stress are now added to the classroom curriculum, pushing kids to earn learning gains at the end of the year. In our state, the standardized tests are being constantly revised, expecting more from the students each year, with the tests getting more difficult and more children getting stressed out. My daughter is one of them. She has always been performing at a top level but why this so much stress? Oh well, she got perfect scores last year and she's expected to outperform herself. That is too funny! How can she get better scores than perfect? Basically, she is not allowed to relinquish that status in her school and to do the same this year, and where does that leave my daughter? and me? Oh yeah, now we're talking...

Anyway, there's a website I saw that helps stressed out kids and moms like me.They're having a FREE Webinar this week on how to "de-stress the standardized tests". They promise to provide tools, techniques, resources, motivation (and bonuses!) if we join them live online. I am hoping they have a lot of advice and tips for moms like me.

Here is the link: 

If other moms out there have other helpful resources to share, please keep me in the loop:)

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