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What would make your work/life balance easier?

Started by Jody , author of Mommy Moment 5/2/2012 11:00:10 AM

“Mom I need a snack", "Mom when is dinner going to be ready?", "Mom (insert siblings name here) is bugging me”.  These are the outside noises that are constantly being yelled, shouted, screamed and bellowed every single day.  As a mom these are the outside stressors that are common to all mom’s, but what about the inside noises that I hear…”This post needs to go up", "I have to finish this review", "I still have to fold the laundry", "What should I make for supper tonight?” etc.... And my husband wonders why I am stressed out

Trying to maintain the work-life balance is a struggle for me and I am sure most other mom’s out there.  All these demands place a constant stress on my life.  So what is a girl to do?  Lucky for me I have a great support in my household.  My hubby is often what keeps me grounded.  He is always the first one to help with supper and has been known to do a load or two of laundry (but not the whites…don’t get me started on that one). 

I realize I am blessed because of my supportive husband, but what would have to change in my world to make it less stressful. 

Jim Croce sang a song call “Time in a Bottle”, and while I like the idea of saving time in a bottle, I know this cannot happen.  Instead I will have to re-learn how I operate.  We can go to school to be doctors, lawyers, accountants but last time I checked, I can not got get a degree to be a mom.  Re-learning is something that moms constantly have to do.  This is a never ending process; I have to start to changing my perspective and see change as a pleasure.  Change in life is inevitable and if we start seeing this as a joy rather than a source of frustration, then I can start to be more positive with life.  While change is sometimes scary, if we handle it right, we will be ok. 

I’ve noticed how women so often feel caught between their interests in family life and their creative or career aspirations. I wonder if it has to be this way. What would have to change—in your life, in people’s attitudes, or in our society—for women to have an easier time managing work-life balance? Share your answer below to be entered to win a Haier microwave for your family along with an additional microwave to be donated to the Food Bank for New York City!

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Reply by Monika

author of Monika's Blog 5/2/2012 12:19:52 PM
You are very lucky to have such a supportive husband! For me, I am lucky to work for a great company that allows us the time and freedom to maintain our work/life balance.


Reply by Angela

5/2/2012 2:17:59 PM
I think having a supportive family and a supportive workplace would go miles in making a working mom's life easier.

I think a supportive family is key and knowing when to turn off and unplug


Reply by Shauna

author of HOME - Stupendously Gifted 5/2/2012 9:58:32 PM
There is no job on the planet more important than being someone's mother. But in our current society, many women feel town. How does one juggles a career and a family? What if I decide to stay home and miss having a career? These are tough questions, and not all women are lucky enough to even have the choice. I would love to see more companies offer benefits to part-time employees at an affordable rate, this would allow many women the chance to have a career yet maintain balance with her home and family. I also feel that increasing the length of maternity leave to 1 year in the United States and other countries that do not currently offer a lengthy leave would be very beneficial. Quality affordable in-home daycare would be great as well. I know of children who go to school all day, and then are shipped off to a daycare until 6 and 7pm each night. This has never set well with me. Perhaps more in-home daycare services would allow more women to have careers outside of the home knowing that someone trustworthy is at home when their children get off the bus. Someone who would help with homework, fix boo-boos, start dinner, and toss in a load of clothes. I feel that the caring of children has become institutionalized, and would love to see it brought back into the home environment.


Reply by Tami

5/2/2012 10:25:17 PM
Other people in the household have to help out more doing things in the house


Reply by Deidra

5/2/2012 10:36:25 PM
I believe that women in general just need to be more confident in their decision to work outside the home or within. There is no shame in either choice. Every woman has a different personality, feelings, wants, needs, and her family needs to support whatever choice she makes.


Reply by Doris C

author of Canadian Top Dog Contest Site 5/2/2012 11:36:24 PM
I believe in family first, then your job choice! The reason? As women we decided to have children knowing we would be pursuing other avenues outside the home, therefore we should plan before the child is even born. It is a full plate with spillage, so when you are a professional that takes you from your family, you should be able to afford to hire people for a lot of tasks like, house cleaning, laundry, yard work etc.Also have someone in place when your children are sick, also all family members should pull together, men are responsible for running a house as well if women work outside the home and need to step up. I feel that makes a women feel less guilty.


Reply by Mary

5/3/2012 12:46:03 AM
Better and more afforadable child care is needed. Also, if business would allow a more flexible work schedule and more work at home when needed.


Reply by Lori

author of Crfty Duchess 5/3/2012 2:01:51 AM

Support from family, working together.

ctymice at gmail dot com


Reply by Michelle

author of Green Mother 5/3/2012 8:16:32 AM

What a great topic!

First, like all of you, I have a lot of support from my husband. he is wonderful, and helps out as much as he can.

Second, almost three years ago, I left my full time career to stay home and raise my three boys. I know I can not achieve balance if I go down that road again.

Instead, I have made the decision to return to work at the end of June, but only two days a week.

This way, I will have a bit of a professional life, while having my full presence in the home.

It is a financial sacrafice, but well worth the choice.

When the boys are older, I willl add on more days. For now, we have chosen this for our family.

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