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Sears Grilling is Happiness

Started by Jody , author of Mommy Moment 4/23/2012 11:00:10 PM

What is it about men, and cooking meat with fire?!?  If your man is anything like mine, it is just a natural fit.  There must be something about these primal basic necessities of life that make men want to do this.  I think the only thing that would make this more primal is having the men retreat back to their cave for a quick nap after... oops, he did that last week!

When I asked my hubby what it was that made him like grilling here is what he had to say...
Well its summer again and like most men it is time to fire up the BBQ and enjoy a perfectly grilled steak, or a maybe some ribs that have been slathered in sauce, or maybe some cedar planked fish is more up your alley.  There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to BBQing. Maybe that is what the appeal is, just being able to cook in our own elements.  How often do we get to cook outdoors, not that I would suggest that women belong indoors, but I know that I love being outside. Anything I can do outside is fun to me, so if cooking is outside it is obviously something I enjoy.
Now if the men out there want to take it to the next level of mastering the outdoor cooking experience, you have to remember this one thing...don’t forget your vegetables.  I know that men don’t like to think about vegetables and grilling, but this marriage can work...and I am not talking about just potatoes.  While potatoes are a nice accessory to grilled meat, there are lots of other possibilities that will also impress the Mrs to know you did not forget about the veggies (and this will also give her a much deserved break from cooking).  A favorite of mine is asparagus, simply toss with olive oil and grill.  Its that simple.  In fact most veggies can be cooked in a grilling basket, kabobs, or simply laid down flat on the grill.  Just add some salt and oil and you are good to go with a meal, a happy wife, and the satisfaction of grilling an entire meal over fire. There is just something about cooking the WHOLE meal (including veggies) over the fire that makes me happy. Happy grilling everyone!

These are just some of the reasons why Grilling is my Happiness. Besides all of the tasty food, tell me what you love about grilling. One of my lucky readers who answers below will win a $25 Sears Gift Card!

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Reply by Brenda

author of Twitter 4/24/2012 9:14:05 AM
I like that you don't need to use oil and much of the fat/grease drips off the food.

In my house I usually do the grilling but the truth is if my husband did it would be better LOL. Often in Spring and Summer we visit with my sister and mother and her husband grills out and the kids play in the pool and it is just family fun!


Reply by Amy

4/24/2012 9:40:13 AM
I love not scrubbing pots and pans afterwards!


Reply by Jeanine

author of I Could Use a Deal 4/24/2012 9:49:25 AM
I love the easy cleanup in the kitchen !


Reply by Tian Kinasih

4/24/2012 10:51:49 AM
I love the taste of the food from grill, :)


Reply by Karen

author of FabGrandma 4/24/2012 11:02:58 AM
I think he's on to something there. And fire roasted asparagus? I can not wait to try it. What a man!

I love that it usually means lazy summer days, no work, no errands, just good food and lots of family time.


Reply by Alicia

author of The Petite Pilates Pixie 4/24/2012 6:03:07 PM
the social atmosphere


Reply by Brenda

4/24/2012 6:14:52 PM
I love it because my hubby does it


Reply by Brandy

4/24/2012 6:15:45 PM
Grilling represents summer and warmth!

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