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We're Living Our Dream, Let Us Help You Live Yours...and win an iPad2!

Started by Curvy Girl , author of Curvy Girl Guide 7/11/2011 8:00:10 AM

What started as an idea, became a voice.

The voice became a community.

The community became a movement.

A movement over half a million strong every month and growing.

When we launched our company one year ago this month (cue the balloons and champagne...lots of champagne), we knew we wanted to develop projects that changed the landscape of media.

But, we were just two women.  Two moms. We lived on different coasts.  We stayed up until 3am working via Skype from home offices full of baby dolls and unfolded laundry and champagne. (What?  We like to celebrate.)

And while we were already bloggers making our livings through social media, the uncertainty of what we were about to embark on was frightening.  Would people take a chance on us?  Could we handle the hustle?  Would this be a success?

We had so many ideas, and we pitched every one of them.

We learned two things hard and fast.  First, nobody will love your idea as much as you.  Second, if there was a secret to becoming successful, absolutely no one was sharing it.

Failing is way harder than they made it look like on MTV's Made.

After our 500th thanks for the inquiry, due to the sheer volcanic volume of emails we get on a daily basis, we may not have time to turn you down in a more personal matter no offense oh look here's a picture of a monkey hugging a kitty form email, we decided we were going to stop putting the success of our business on the shoulders of others.

So, we did.

We built our business on our own backs, on our own terms, following something we are incredibly passionate about.

We've thrown events across the country and launched some amazing online ventures, including Curvy Girl Guide, with two others launching in the next few months.

We made our own dream job.

Did we think a year ago that today we'd be sitting at the helm of a successful women's magazine and media company, drinking champagne and eating cake, one more step closer to being the person our children want to be when they grow up?


But, we never gave up or compromised our goals, and here were are.  Did I mention the champagne?

We've partnered with Intuit in their pursuit to award a small business a $25,000 grant as part of their Love a Local Business competition, of which we are in the running for (wink wink, nudge nudge click here to vote)!

Everybody has a dream job, what's yours?  Do you dream of owning your own business, but need some advice?  Come talk to us!

Everybody has a dream job, what's yours  Do you dream of owning your own business, but need some advice?  Come talk to us!

(Spoiler Alert: By joining us in the discussion you will be entered to win an iPad 2!)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Intuit’s Love A Local Business competition. The opinions and text are all mine. Contest runs July 6 to August 9, 2011. A random winner will be announced by August 11, 2011. Official Contest Rules

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Reply by Cammie

author of Cammie.Me 7/11/2011 11:11:32 AM

I would love to start a hair & nail salon. Both things are my secret passions that I have loved for years. Now that I am unemployed I would love to be able to follow through with my dream. This would enable me to support my family but, I would still be able to spend the quality time with my daughter that I need to.


Reply by Jenny Grace

author of Miss Grace's Disgrace 7/11/2011 11:11:56 AM
I'm going to school now for my dream job! I want to be a CPA, but ultimately, I want it to be in the capacity of working for myself, and setting my own hours, maybe doing consulting services.


Reply by Holly

author of 7/11/2011 11:14:35 AM
My dream job is to be a successful artist. I love teaching but would be head over heels if I could just create, exhibit and sell my work. Then we my husband and I would be living the musician/artist dream that we have had for so long.


Reply by laurie

author of LaurieWrites 7/11/2011 11:18:30 AM
I'm in the process of starting my own media company, combining my writing/photography/social media work. I decided I got tired of doing things for everyone but myself, especially the stuff I did for free. I'm balancing this with a demanding full-time job, but it rarely feels like work, which I think is a sign that it's the right kind of work for me.

Dawn, I love this idea!  And how simple to start on both a local level (reselling at flea markets) and national level (hello etsy!). 

I think even a blog dedicated to your business would be cool, posting the process, before and afters of each item, with contact info to buy them!

Dawn's profile picture
Dawn said ...
I want to be a auction/thriftstore/garage sale junkie. I want to take the old and ugly and make it sturdy and beautiful and useful. I want to drag the world back out of IKEA and cheap new crap and give it something unique and fun.

Krysta this sounds like a brilliant non profit!  Start a site and spread the word!  Talk about your experience and give people a place to share theirs as well!  Also, compiling informative links for prospective foster parents is HUGE, make it easy for people to become involved, break down the process.  Get professionals in the field to give input also!

You could create an amazing resource for foster parents, and become an active voice in your community!

Krysta's profile picture
Krysta said ...
Not sure mine is technically a business either but I would like to educate and recruit foster parents. As a foster parent myself, I'm passionate about reaching more people about opening their homes to these children and helping them get the proper training to parent traumatized children.


Reply by Melissa

7/11/2011 11:28:05 AM
I started a design business a little over a year ago and love it. But now I kind of want to branch out and go the route you did. I'm starting a blog focused on helping other freelance designers get their business started, and I'm hoping that it takes off so that I can get into consulting. Who knows what could happen? Crossing my fingers.


Reply by Amber

7/11/2011 11:30:05 AM
I desperately want to make a living freelance writing, but for now it's more of a hobby/daydream. It is likely impossible that I will ever make enough to pursue it full time. I so admire you both for doing what you love.

YES.  I tried to plan a beach wedding for two of my friends and OMG IT WAS HARD. Destination weddings are hard enough, if we could have just found someone who ran a beach wedding business who had ALL the resources an out of town person would need all in ONE PLACE. 

From rentable ceremony decor that's NOT from the 80s, to reputable and affordable vendors, like photographers, officiants, ceremony music, etc.  Also, a great opportunity to partner with restaurants with room for small receptions.

And just being current and online would be HUGE, you would be surprised how many beach wedding businesses didn't have sites, and if they did, they were archaic looking. 

Danielle's profile picture
Danielle said ...
I'd love to start a Beach Wedding business with my husband. He could preside over the wedding, I could do the photographs and take care of the other details.


Reply by Laura

author of Doctor's Corner 7/11/2011 11:39:32 AM

I'm part of a great but relatively new company.  My dream is that we can reach as many people as possible. We're offering the product for review to anyone who is willing to write it. 

I believe in telemedicine and how it can help families reduce health care costs. We almost lost our house after my grandmother fell ill. Hospital bills drained most of our resources so I believe in this. We need alternatives to meet people's need.

I don't care about the iPad but I would love the help. If anyone is interested in doing a review and/or giveaway please let me know at Also reach me through Twitter @dialdoctors.


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