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Spicy Food & Pregnancy

Started by Iris , author of One Life, One Chance Live it Up! 11/11/2010 5:12:32 AM

Anybody knows? Should I avoid spicy food? The cute lady from the corner take away shop thinks I my husband thinks I should...

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Well I tried to eat non spicy today - and doesn't feel right. Feels incomplete - haahaaa, perhaps I should call my next blog, Confessions of a spice-a-holic!


Reply by Lee-Ann

author of Mamma Goddess 11/14/2010 7:06:54 AM

If eating spicy food does not seem to upset your tummy and cause a great deal of gastric discomfort, I say eat it! Capsicum is one of the healthiest things you can eat! I am sure baby will thank you. If spicy food has always been a part of your diet I see no need to change it unless otherwise told to by your OBGYN.

With my first child I ate spicy food all of the time. I had heartburn frequently but I could honestly say it was not directly related to the spice. He was just causing me grief!

Hi Lee-Ann

Thanks for your reply.

I LOVE spicy food. And it doesn't cause any tummy upsets - it actually makes me feel more satisfied! :) My husband seems to have it in his head that there's a little door from stomach to womb, and that a little hands spoon feeds the  baby with spicy food! heehee. Silly!

I'm of south east asian background, no meal seems to be complete without some amount of spice :).


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