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Parental Pressure

Started by Crafty Girl , author of Crafty Life And Style 3/26/2011 11:53:02 AM

When do you back off? That was a queston I asked myself recently when my daughter went to test for her yellow belt in Taekwondoe. She passed the test- but failed to break the wood board. It is a requirement. So, the master said- go back and pratice. I wanted to help her succeed. So, practice we did- every day I required her to break 2 boards. Those boards were broken- but it took her hours- it was a mental and physical drain on all of us. She just wouldn't put her 100 percent into it. Every time she did- she broke it. Well, one day I broke and sent an email to the master- and said I was feeling guilty making her practice. He told me have her break one board- then rest. He said- she'll do it, don't worry- and thank you for your hard work.

The next class she broke it. It was because of that hard work-- but while in the midst of it- I worried if I was scarring her mind (maybe a little over dramatic- but true). I realized that it was worth it- she was so proud. I scrapbooked the event- because it was so significant- she learned- Mind over matter~!

have you ever experienced a moment when you felt you were pressuring your kids too hard? what did you do? No judgements here- please be nice- just speak from your own experiences. Thank you.


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