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Drinking Soda is Drinking Acid!

Started by Stacy & Nicole: pH Life , author of Building Balance Blog 4/7/2012 1:34:32 PM

DID YOU KNOW: It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize the acid in ONE 12 oz. can of soda? Before I started studying about pH Body Balance, I drank diet cherry pepsi all day...& I'd never eaten a fruit. Yes, that's right...I had never had a fruit in my mouth. And, I don't think strawberry poptarts count:) Then, I read this & decided it was time to find a different beverage & a different diet. I like to explain this concept it in terms of checking the chemicals in a pool; when the pH is out of balance, bacteria grows & the pool becomes murky/dirty. But, when you give the pool the chemicals it needs to bring it back to balance, it becomes crystal clear & pure. Our body chemistry works the same way. When we are acidic, we our open to disease & infection, but when we give our body what it needs to bring it back to an alkaline state, we are balanced & healthy. Building Balance isn't easy, but is there anything more important than your health?

Visit & learn more about the signs & symptoms of an overly acidic body. How much soda do you drink? Or should I say: how much soda are you going to give up?

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