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Be aware when purchasing Theraflu or Alka Seltzer cold medicines.....

Started by Meshell 12/26/2011 9:20:13 PM

I clipped some of the coupons out of the pharmacy booklet for the Theraflu and Alka Seltzer cold medicines.

With my manufacturers coupons, it made the Theraflu 39 cents, and the Alka Seltzer free. I bought around ten boxes. When I went to check out, I was told that they had to do them as separate transactions because of the laws governing the sale of cold medicines.

Maybe I'm a little naive, but I thought all the cold medicines that were used in the manufacturing of meth were taken off the market, or at least sold behind the counter. Turns out they weren't. So if you have a lot of coupons, and plan on buying a few of these meds, please be aware of this. I have a large family, plus I donate to my extended family. My Publix was very accommodating, but it made me extremely nervous to think that what I was purchasing could have been mistaken for purchasing them for the wrong reasons.....

I just thought I would let my fellow couponers know. Some of us don't think about these things.

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Reply by Shaina

author of Happily Frugal 12/26/2011 10:20:09 PM

The law (at least in SC) limits the sale of pseudoephedrine-containing products to so much per person, per month. Separate transactions won't help you get around the law. All of the meds containing pseudoephedrine are supposed to be behind the counter in the pharmacy. I'm a pharmacy technician and every time we sell any of those items we have to log the sale and the customer's driver's license into a database thorough the computer that is linked to all pharmacies. The computer will stop the sale if the person is over their limit. As far as I know there's not a limit if there is no pseudoephedrine in it. Maybe it is a store rule?


Reply by Melissa

12/27/2011 7:18:07 AM

I happened to get "Carded" from buying the Alka Seltzer, I was only buying 5 boxes and it was split between daytime and night time medicine


Reply by Sarah

12/27/2011 10:15:45 AM

I was told by a Walmart clerk that I couldn't purchase the 4 bottles of Nyquil at a time.  I had 2 of the "buy 2 Vicks, get free Puffs" coupons, and I had to break it into separate transactions.  Nyquil doesn't have pseudophedrine in it, so I have no idea why it was limited.  The clerk told me it was law, but I've never heard of this law, period.  I think it was just a Walmart rule.  Like the silly one they have about having to be 18 to purchase white-out.  


Reply by Tyanne

12/27/2011 11:30:01 AM

I understand.  I bought some Children's Mucinex D for my daughter a month ago due to a bad cold and congestion, I was taken aback when I was asked for my Driver's License to purchase it.  I wouldn't have ever thought my babies cold medicine would be used illegally.  It's sad and frightening. 


Reply by nellie

12/27/2011 7:29:37 PM

i bought tons of both at my publix and they didn't say a word.  i am in there a lot and they know me with my coupons. i donated all the items bought to my daughters school as my kids don't get sick that often.


Reply by Shaina

author of Happily Frugal 12/27/2011 9:04:22 PM

I got carded tonight at CVS while buying Theraflu. I didn't ask why, but when I got home I read the inactive ingredients and one of them is alcohol. 


Reply by MaryB10114

12/27/2011 10:07:42 PM

I got carded, well asked my D.O.B when I got some CVS brand robitussin tonight. 

According to my sister who is his a police officer they are limiting the amounts of any OTC medication that contains alcohol. This is one way that many underage people are using to get a buzz since they are not old enough to purchase alcohol.

It's sad, but I am sure that it is true.


Reply by Meshell

12/28/2011 9:51:17 AM

From what I'm reading on here, it must be the alcohol content. Being asked for your ID to check your age is one thing, but as Shaina said, with the pseudoephedrine-containing products, they would actually enter your driver's license number into a database. I went home & read the ingredients, and I didn't see pseudoephedrine in them, but there was alcohol. So I guess the ID thing has to do with age. Since I'm obviously well above the legal age to buy alcohol :-), they didn't ask to SEE my driver's license. They just had to ring them up as separate transactions to keep from locking their system up.


Reply by Bee

12/28/2011 5:52:43 PM

I don't believe I've bought any alcohol based cold meds, etc lately so I don't know if it applies here.

But I do know Tennessee has universal carding for beer. If a 90 year old grandma is in front of me buying Bud, she is going to get carded.

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