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How to handle obnoxious coaches

Started by jennifer , author of Cry of My Heart 10/20/2010 9:51:19 AM

Sports are something inevitable in my house full of boys. My 13 year old ( happy birthday to him today) loves to play football for his middle school. The parents meeting at the start of the season stressed how this is not competitive, but to teach the fundamentals and have fun. Then at every game one of his coaches SCREAMS at all the kids even when it is supposed to be positive. It's so bad thatI have even overheard the opposing teams parents commenting on his antics. My son is stressed out by it and is glad he got an injury so he doesnt have to play for a week. This team plays well and wins every game. I am uncomfortable with the intimidation and stress put on these kids for what is supposed to be fun. Any thoguhts on how I get through the next few weeks? I am praying they dont go to playoffs.........

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