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31 Days of Peace-Filled Singleness

Started by Brenda , author of Triple Braided 10/2/2011 6:09:17 PM

Hi Ladies!

I have started a series, 31 Days of Peace-Filled Singleness , and I want to invite you to read along, comment, share with others, and pray for single women!

Even if you are married, I urge you to please read along and think about how God can use you in the lives of single women. They need you!

Please watch the introduction blog video to learn more. My prayer is that this series will be a blessing to all women and bring perspective and peace to the single season of live!

Many blessings to you,


Introduction Blog Video: 31 Days of Peace-Filled Singleness

Day 1: 31 Days of Peace-Filled Singleness

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