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What Do You Give Up?

Started by Stacey , author of Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh Boy! 10/23/2010 4:47:05 AM

There just isn't enough time in the day.  In order to fit in some crafting or sewing, somethings gotta go.  Today it was a shower.  I know.  It sounds gross but sometimes I just have to put something aside to find my inner peace.

What "chore" do you give up in order to find time to relax?

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Reply by Sarah-Jane aka A11smiles

author of 11/17/2010 7:24:13 PM

Funny how I often get asked the question, what did you do today?

I work full time but even if you're a stay at home parent, its so hard to fit everything in and hobbies tend to be the things to keep you sane and the first to go.  I rule give up ironing unfortunately i'll be climbing a mountain of clothes soon, so best not give it up for too long :)


Reply by Stacey

author of Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh Boy! 12/6/2010 2:56:43 AM

Thanks for responding.


I have to say that the invention of the "Wrinkle Free" shirt is a blessing in this house.  This bad wife does NOT iron.

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