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Using Video to Improve Your Website?

Started by Savvy Blogging , author of Savvy Blogging 2/17/2011 7:57:45 AM

Video is a great way to add another dimension to your website, but so many people are completely afraid to be on camera, and then there are things like lighting and editing.... 

Any tips? 

The Savvy Team

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We're by no means experts, but Holly and I really psyche ourselves up before getting on camera - jumping around, waving, ANYTHING to build up energy.


Reply by Erin

author of $5 Dinners™ 2/17/2011 12:01:33 PM

Just pretend you are talking to your sister or BFF.  If you want to connect with readers via video, you have to be yourself and talk WITH them as if they were your closest friend or relative.

At least that's how I approach being on camera :)




Reply by Melissa Hourigan

author of Pixorial - Blog 2/17/2011 12:11:49 PM

When I used to do vlogging interviews, I would buy myself a new pair of earrings to treat myself and give myself a boost. For interviews in the office, I try to avoid conference rooms or areas where there is a lot of echo. Also, a little light attached to the camera can make a huge difference. The difference between dark circles and a youthful look :)

Last, I suggest using lav mics and have a conversation. Don't read from a script, act natural and let your true personality shine through.


Reply by Jendi

author of Simple Vlogging Tips 2/17/2011 1:17:36 PM

I agree with Erin. Some people go so far as to tape a picture of their friend on the camera. If you have a topic you love - start with that. Your passion will come through.

Content is most important, then audio, then lighting. A mic is great to use, but if you don't have one just go to a quiet spot.

The first vlog is often the biggest hurdle for people to get over. I always tell my followers at to start with what they have - even if it's only a webcam. Make a short video - no more than a minute and post it where friends will watch and give you good feedback. Then as you do more you'll know what equipment you will want to buy.

I could talk all day on this subject so I'm just going to end with 

Happy Vlogging!

I just posted a vlogging overview post right here!

Tips on vlogging, well I'm a noob :) But, I would say just be yourself. Sounds simple, right but that's how I've approached it in the recent series I've started (in 80 seconds). I don't like to edit much of them either so my readers are just gonna get me for who I am - flubs and all!

Whenever I do media stuff, I find it less forced when I just have an easy conversation with the anchor. It's taken me a while to get really comfortable doing more but just being "me" has helped! Why try to be anything else, right?!


Reply by The Happy Housewife

author of The Happy Housewife 2/17/2011 2:10:17 PM

I'm off to go read it! I need all the help I can get!



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Jenny said ...
I just posted a vlogging overview post right here!


Reply by Kat

author of Mama's Losin' It! 2/17/2011 2:42:27 PM

I think editing is a great resource! You can easily cut out any extra "umms" and long pauses. My computer came with Windows Movie Maker and it has quickly become my best friend!

I think the more you do, the more comfortable you get. The very first vlog I did, I took it 17 times!!

Now, I usually get them done in the first try, sometimes the second.

I just use my Flip Camera, it's working fine for now. I do try to make sure the lighting is good too.

I also always run thru the video with my son who is taping so he knows what I'm going to be talking about and which direction to point the camera.

We use a tripod too, which helps alot!


Reply by Courtney

author of Pizzazzerie 2/18/2011 1:01:02 PM

I had someone do a guest video blog for me and I loved how she made it fun and added music! Here is the link for her vimeo --

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