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How do you protect all of those videos you recorded?

Started by Melissa Hourigan , author of Pixorial - Blog 7/11/2012 1:22:25 PM

Want to share a blog we wrote for a common problem. Running out of space when you use your phone for video!

Would love to hear what you do to protect all of your videos. Comments to this post can receive a Premium account free from Pixorial. We want to hear from you.

No matter how many Gigs of memory manufacturers add to their devices, the dreaded “you are out of storage” warning seems to appear at the worst possible time – like when you have a priceless moment you want to record.

You know the drill. After fiddling around frantically for a few precious seconds, you find some photos or videos that you’re okay with trashing. Then, you hit record again, ready to take that video of the priceless moment. Aaaand…it’s gone.

We want to make sure this horrible fate never happens to you again. That’s why we make it easy to transfer your videos from your smartphone to the cloud, where they’ll be safely stored. First, download our iOS or Android video app. Then hit “upload” after you’ve selected the video you want to move to your online video library.

To make things even easier, you can queue several videos to upload at the same time. This works great at the end of the day, after taking lots of movies. Hit the + button to add videos to your queue, and we’ll take care of all the uploading in the background.

Once your videos are uploaded, you can safely delete them from your device. Storage problems solved!

Pixorial Ninja Tip: Once you’ve uploaded your videos to your own personal library in the cloud, you can also edit them to perfection, adding personalized text, credits, music, and more – and then share those creations anywhere.

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