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Why must she chew on all things metal?

Started by Jessica , author of Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT — A honest and usually coherent take on motherhood, parenti 9/13/2010 2:28:59 PM

Okay mommies,

I have a question. My daughter Nya is seven months old and loves to chew on anything that is metal (i.e., car keys, outlet plugs, Macbook chargers, etc, etc.) My questions are: 1) Is this normal? 2) If you went through this with your little one, were you able to offer any substitutes that your child willfully accepted? Please help!


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Reply by Sarah

author of Four Leaf Photography 9/14/2010 9:25:44 AM

Oh yeah, totally normal.  It's a different texture, smooth and probably cold, so it's a new experience.  I would give my boys an ice cube in one of those food net things (do you know what I'm talking about?) because it was always a sure sign when they were looking for something hard and cold to chew on that they would be teething.


Reply by adriel

author of the mommyhood memos 9/15/2010 5:29:39 AM

Haha, I think anything they want to chew on or taste is "normal"! :)

Levi is totally obsessed with cords (computers, electronics, lights, anything)! I have started getting serious about teaching him "no" when he goes for them instead of just trying to hide them. (Though I do tuck them away when possible.) He's definitely smart enough/old enough to understand 'no'... because he immediately stops, looks at me... but then he waits a few minutes and does it again. ha! I repeat and give him another toy. If he keeps repeating over and over a few times then I change locations so he'll forget about it.

The ice in the mesh feeder is a great idea. I'll have to try that. Levi loves those and I sometimes give him a piece of pear or something in there when he's not eating well at a mealtime. He'll happily chomp on it for ages. Ice would be a great diversion in between meals - especially in our climate! Thanks Sarah!

Thanks, Sarah and Adriel! It's good to know that what she is doing is normal.

@Sarah: I think the "net thing" you are referring to is a mesh feeder. We have two of those, so I'll be sure to try that out on tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing!

@Adriel: Your description of Levi's response to "No" is so funny because Nya does the exact same thing! Like your boy, when heading to a cord, and I say "No" or "stop," she will look back at me. Then, she will turn and around and quickly try to crawl to her "destination." It's so funny! I think she speeds up because she knows I will soon be coming after her, and she wants to "test her limits."lol

You know, chewing ice and metal may also be a sign of iron deficiency.  No need to make a big deal out of it, but just check in with your pediatrician at your next visit and see what the CBC's look like (that's the general blood panel they usually draw at physicals).  There is a wide range for normal and even low iron, so no need to panic here at all - just something to think about if it continues.

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