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Giveaway sponsors for your blog (go on, take 'em)

Started by Jesse , author of Bloggerdise 8/23/2011 10:11:29 AM


Hey all. I run a community site called Essentially we link up bloggers with businesses and artists that are looking to be reviewed, do giveaways or promote their offers. Our site is totally free to register and use. 

We have over 800 businesses to choose from. Though I figure I'd offer up some of my personal picks on this thread. Again, to actually view all the business contact info you just need to register on first, for free. Ok, here's my first batch ...

[oh, and if you have any questions you can reach me @]

Awesome popcorn company that is into sampling. Love their caramel corn !?

Novelist with a quirky sense of humor...



Skincare brand that is in to doing sampling of different kinds of products.


Eco-lips (premium lip care) open to giveaways –


About Abby (award winning web series) looking for interesting promotional ideas –

Vegan Web series starring Eric Roberts

Marcal tissues (open to giveaways and reviews) –

Delicious Tea co. Open to sampling –



Charitable search site –


Applegate Farms (open to couponing) –

I got a bunch more, but interested to get your feedback.




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Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/9/2011 7:16:23 AM


**** Wild Card Wednesday ****


Legendary author Anne Rice joins bloggerdise


Help promote an up and coming female rock band.


Team up to host a giveaway for sweet charms and jewelry


Promote a new, dark, young adult romance.


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/11/2011 7:36:24 AM


***Four for Friday ****


Review an uber-fast paced thriller


Promote a guy gift service!



Indie tee company is looking to do giveaways and offers.


Tasty discounts from an online food service


Reply by Melissa

author of GIRLIEMOM 11/11/2011 7:48:11 AM

hi. i will be looking to your site for more information on how to add this to my blog.   Thanks!


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/11/2011 7:49:40 AM

Cool! If you have any questions you can always contact me.


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/12/2011 10:40:34 AM


**** Saturday Stash ****



Show your blog readers how to save on stuff and do something good for charity.



A mystery writer is looking to offer up signed copies of his latest novel for giveaways


Tasty granola brand looking to sample for reviews!


Help promote a twisted tee company!


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/13/2011 8:32:42 AM


**** Sunday Start ****


This week As seen on TV is back with a bunch of opportunities


Review a sizzling paranormal romance


Or blog about the latest super heroine!


Or better yet, sample and review the best dang rubs for your chicken


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/14/2011 7:19:52 AM


**** Monday Mix ****


An eco-handbag designer (with a celeb artist) are looking to team up with bloggers to do giveaways and offers.



Yes, a Herman Cain action figure came out today! Yes, you can help promote this must-have gift.


Calling all eco-lunch box blog reviewers!


A jewelry designer is looking to do giveaways


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/15/2011 7:35:31 AM


**** TV Tuesday ****


If you’ve ever been interested in celebrity PR, here’s your chance.



Help promote a revolutionary new baby brush.



Team up with a comic book studio to help promote their big giveaway event.


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/16/2011 7:34:49 AM


**** Wild Card Wednesday ****


A tasty granola brand is looking for blogs for reviews and giveaways.


Blog promoters! Get the word out about Jesse Metacalfe’s latest roles


USA Today best selling author is looking for reviewers.


Help promote a digital entertainment agency with a great podcast – ifanboy!


Reply by Jesse

author of Bloggerdise 11/17/2011 7:31:26 AM


**** Thursday’s for her day ****


Heartthrob / actor Giles Marini is looking for some promotional support.


An etsy fashion site is looking to team up with blogs for reviews and giveaways.


Review a futuristic thriller with a twist.


A romance author is open to doing some giveaways.



Don’t forget to try and review that granola.

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