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welcome y'all!!

Started by Paulette , author of Paulette Insall ~ Artist & Mom 6/25/2010 1:02:24 PM

i started this little community up as a possible replacement for my ning site (since i they are going to start charging for communities hosted there next month). also as a place where my blog visitors could ask me questions and get to know other people who visit my blog. 

you can sign up with your facebook profile, so it's not like you are having to remember yet another username/password to add to the ones you already have. plus once you add your blog address and twitter username to your profile, it automatically updates it here in my community. so it also will bring more people to visit you where you already are and hopefully help you find other like-minded people. cool huh? i sure thought so! :)

so i hope you will join this new community. you can even sign up for an email update from my community if you wish (that way you will always know if anything new is going on here without having to visit to check).

blessings & hugs,

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Reply by Lany Michelle

6/30/2010 9:03:19 PM

hi sweetie!!!!  ill follow you anywhere! i love ya!!



Reply by B

7/1/2010 3:53:04 AM

Glad to have found you here and too bad about ning starting to charge.  I'm very excited to have found a group of Christian artists on line!


Reply by Paulette

author of Paulette Insall ~ Artist & Mom 7/1/2010 11:46:27 PM

hey y'all! i'm so glad you're here!! i haven't made an official switch from ning yet....still want to see if this is a viable solution. i'm hoping that things get a little more active on here so i can see if this is the best solution.

belinda...i'm trying to find another alternative for the christian artists group (i have two ning sites; the "painting with paulette" one is a creativity/mixed media arts site that is open to all)....something that is more similar to ning, but free (i just can't afford the $20 a month i'd have to pay to keep a site of it's size up and running how it is now). i really don't want to move it because i'm afraid that everyone won't follow us over to the new home. i'm planning on sending out a message to the group in the next few days and finding out what their thoughts are on moving.

blessings & hugs to all!!


Reply by Debbie

author of A Creative Life 7/4/2010 1:59:37 PM

Hi Paulette,

I took one of your classes, the journal one, a while back. Loved it! Anyway, so glad to have found you here. I'm looking forward to meeting more Christian artists!




Reply by Paulette

author of Paulette Insall ~ Artist & Mom 7/6/2010 9:40:09 PM

hi debbie! so glad you joined me here! great to hear that you enjoyed my class! :) are you a member of my create by faith group on ning? i'm thinking of keeping it on ning if we can get up enough people to contribute money for the monthly fees. i just sent out a message there today to get opinions on wether to stay on ning or not.


Reply by Angelina

author of Angelina's Trinkets 7/6/2010 10:25:17 PM

Hi Paulette,

I wondered what you were going to do about the ning site. It's too bad they started charging as many of the ning hosts had to turn around and ask for funds to run their sites. 

This looks like it could be a great place.  I've never seen bluefrog before.  Anyway, keep us posted as you have a large community of followers and none of us want to lose track of you. 

Blessings, Angelina


Reply by Elaina

7/7/2010 9:34:01 AM

Hi! Looking forward to the discussion and sharing!


Reply by Kelly

author of Blue Frogs Legs 7/7/2010 12:58:32 PM


Hello, my name is Kelly, and I am a single mom to an absolutely gorgeous 4 yr old little girl (not that I'm biased or anything). And I mean she is beautiful form the inside out! Definitely the joy of my life! I enjoy everything creative, but also have a more scientific side (I am a forester by trade) maybe because I am a gemini my two sides pull at one another?!?!?!  

My blogs are:

Blue Frogs Legs      


 Welcome to Blog Frog....feel free to hop on over to my community for a visit:)  


I'm new here, just happened to see the community.  I used to be creative before I had kids, used to paint and dabble in fun stuff- but then I got busy, plus I'm just not very organized or structured, so the immediate and urgent get done around here, not my art.

I have a list of who I want to be by 40- and creating art is on that list.  I have lots of ideas, even have some hens sketched out on some small canvases, but I need to plan to sit down and actually paint and create.

maybe hearing about all the creative things you all are doing will get me moving.

lately, my blog has been my creative outlet, I'm been more into photography- and yet, it's not enough.

I blog over at

Home is Where You Start From

my twitter is

@ hen jen ca  (push it together)

it's nice to 'meet' you all!


Reply by Vicki

author of Faint Heart Art 7/14/2010 5:07:15 PM

Hi Paulette,

I took both your backgrounds and faces classes last year and still read your blog.

This looks like a nice community. I'll have to see how user friendly it is.


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