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You never think it will happen in your family

Started by Nikki , author of Taken With Life 1/5/2011 8:44:21 PM


Childhood cancer to be exact

My 4 year old niece was diagnosed with ALL- a type of leukemia, over the weekend... She lives in Cali with her mom, dad and 2 older sisters... Its been a hard week... But, if there is a bright side to cancer... Its that her prognosis is very, very good - she has a 95-97% chance of being totally fine when this is over. But it's a long road to being over. She is starting chemotherapy treatments today. She got her port put in today. She'll continue with treatments for at least two years, in varying degrees. The first month is pretty intense, then it might change slightly. She will loose her hair. She wont be able to go to school, or crowded places. They will have to be very cautious with her when anyone is sick.

I feel like I should be doing more.... There isnt too much I can do from Florida though. My sister and I have been in near constant contact since she was admitted in to the hospital.  Im planning on going out there next month... Still not sure what I will be able to do even then... But I think (or hope more exactly) that me being there will help my older 2 nieces and my sister...

Anyway... That's my update for now.. There is more on my blog. If you want to read my sisters blog, she is on my page. Title of her blog is 365 days of awesome..

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