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Green or Greed?

Started by Jenny , author of Eternal Instants 9/21/2010 8:56:04 PM
Are you using "Energy saving" light bulbs?
Did you know they are dangerous?
What do you think? Is the whole "green" movement a big load of doo doo in order to create a whole bunch of moola by environmentalists or is it a just cause? Only brought forth to help out all the people of earth?
I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the subject!
To find out about how energy saving light bulbs are dangerous for your health,
check out this blog post:

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Reply by Nicole Rivera

author of Searching for Sustenance 11/16/2010 7:50:00 PM

Hi Jenny,

I share your concerns. I learned about a term "greenwashing" not too long ago that is the act of a company to advertise themselves or one of their products as" green" or simply imply that it is more green that it truly is for monetary gain. It is such hard work to find out which companies are on the up and up and what you have to look for in order to determine their validity. It is very frustrating.

I haven't switched over all of my light bulbs yet, so I will be sure to read this post before I do!


Nicole :)


Reply by Jenny

author of Eternal Instants 11/17/2010 7:52:07 AM

Hi Nicole! Greenwashing... This doesn't surprise me. I am grateful indeed for all of the modern commodities we have in 2010, but I often wonder about the heart of so many companies. Today, everything is so political. I share in your frustration about finding the honest companies.

Thanks for the reply :)


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