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The Individual (Ages 9-12)

Started by The MOB Society , author of The MOB Society - For Moms of boys, by moms of boys 7/14/2010 12:40:34 AM

Welcome mamas of individuals!

Your initial thoughts on this chapter?

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Reply by Melissa

author of Multi-Tasking Mama 7/14/2010 6:41:09 AM

My youngest is in this phase and it truly does describe him to a "t". Matthew is at that stage where he realizes he is less of a kid and more of a teen and isn't always happy about that.  He was just lamenting yesterday that he is too old for VBS this year (for the first time).  I told him he could go as a helper and he said "I want to go as a kid". 

And oh, the critical spirit.  He truly is critical of everyone, from strangers to his parents and most critical of himself.

I was so relieved that the authors of this book agree with my approach to the internet and supervision.  Many of the boys friends think that my husband and I are "the strictest parents in the world" (which I assure you we are not) however I am involved and careful.  I was thankful that this chapter validated my position on that.

Love this book!!!

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