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The Explorer (Ages 2-4)

Started by The MOB Society , author of The MOB Society - For Moms of boys, by moms of boys 7/14/2010 12:38:55 AM

Welcome mamas of explorers!

Your initial thoughts on this chapter?

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Reply by Tara

author of Blog | 7/18/2010 11:12:53 PM

I have an explorer too although I think he is just starting to hit his explorer stride!!  :)


Reply by Sheena

author of Tales of a Mommy Monster 7/20/2010 1:53:36 PM

I have an Explorer - he's 2 1/2. I laughed throughout this chapter. I'm so glad to hear that his aggression is normal. He's into that knocking me down, wrestling, head-butting, rough stage. I don't mind, but I'm trying to teach him that we are gentle with girls. But it's nice to hear that's typical and age-appropriate.

I loved the tips! I'm glad to hear that I'm (mostly) doing OK by my boy.


Reply by Katy

author of Lil' C 7/20/2010 4:06:23 PM

I have a 2 yr old boy and 2 month old twin boys!  This book is great (when I have time to read a page or two).  My friend came over with her 3 girls and we both just laughed at how differently they play!  I also think it's pretty funny (most times) when I'm nursing the twins and my 2 yr old is jumping off the furniture or climbing on my back.  He's such a little monkey! 

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