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What Is Your ONE Blogging Tip?

Started by The Lady Bloggers Society , author of The Lady Bloggers Society — 10/3/2011 10:12:01 PM

What is one lesson or cool tip that you have learned through blogging that has really helped you?

If I had to share one tip, it'd be that whether it's wordpress or blogger, pick a platform that will be the easiest for you to use so you can focus on creating amazing content.

What would you share?

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Reply by Miz Creatrix

author of Create. Collaborate. Communicate. 10/4/2011 9:45:20 AM

Writers block is a common malady for many bloggers, especially if you've been blogging for a while.  One thing that I have done to help inspire new posts is to keep on ongoing list of potential posts in a google document that I leave open when I'm online.  I find random ideas all the time when I'm perusing the whenever I come across something strikes me as interesting or worth exploring further in a blog post, I add the idea and/or link to my document. Even if the idea never gets on the virtual drawing  (or writing) board, you never know if it will morph into some other possible writing prompt.  I also make it a point to add at least three things to this list of ideas every time I'm online. 

My list is huge now...and as I mentioned, even if the original idea/prompt doesn't quite materialize, going back through the list regularly helps to inspire new post ideas that perhaps I didn't think of initially. 


Reply by Stacey

author of Havoc and Mayhem 10/4/2011 11:14:43 AM

Windows Live Writer makes posting so incredibly easy. You can write off line & upload later, you can schedule posts, add tags & categories, it uploads your photos to your server & creates links as well as giving you various ways to post them. It's a wonderful free tool for making blogging easy & increasing your productivity.


Reply by Miranda

author of Mangoes and Chutney 10/4/2011 11:23:47 AM
I know you said one, but I have trouble narrowing things down! 1.Keep an editorial calendar. Such a big help, especially when you get tons of ideas running through your head. Mine is filled up through the 2nd week of November. 2. RESEARCH and test blogging platforms before you dive in or get too far in- if you have to change later it may just end up being a pain (from losing your rss subscribers or losing comments). 3. When you have a blog post in mind, you will notice that editorial runs through your head. Jot that stuff down when you can or better yet, open it up in your post editor. Some of that stuff never comes back to you and you think "I had something great to say about that, but now I can't remember".


Reply by Ashley

author of Ashley's Avon 10/4/2011 6:13:42 PM
Tell people what you want them to do. How many times have you read a blog post and never commented? I'm pretty sure we're all guilty of it at some time or another. We may love the post but we just don't comment. If you want comments, ask for them! Ask for people's thoughts, ask them a question, ask for their view, etc. Not only does this get you comments but it gets you exposure. If you comment on someone's blog, their readers will see it. If someone comments on our blog, our readers will see it. They may like what they see and start following your blog.

My #1 tip is - show up to blog! To build a following you have to be consistent, you can't blog one day and not blog again for a month - fresh content keeps the readers coming back and builds the connections. Most blogging platforms offer scheduling, so if you've got a few ideas running through your head - create the posts and schedule them ahead!


Reply by Tracie

author of Tracie Howe Photography 10/5/2011 9:07:00 PM

I should really practice what I preach when I say this, but asking a question at the end of a post is a good way to encourage comments. I find that I am always more tempted to post a comment when the blogger asks a question at the end. I'm not sure I've ever done it on my own blog, but I should!!


Reply by Wendy

author of Fit-and-Frugal 10/7/2011 8:17:56 PM

Figuring out how to take advantage of developments out there and make your blog work for you is such an evolving, sometimes overwhelming work-in-progress... but one thing that has been giving me the most satisfaction and improving my posts (I think), is making a commitment to start using only my own photos, and more of them...and to get better at taking them. I go back to previous posts of block text unbroken by images, and I wonder what I was thinking. 


Reply by Carole in the UK

author of The Faith Lounge 10/7/2011 8:28:57 PM

The one thing that really worked for me on my main inspirational Blog which is called the Faith Lounge where these tips, which I wrote a post about on my Bloggers Notepad. The comments on my Blog increased after experimenting with a couple of the phrases.listed.

Discover The Perfect Phrases To End Your Blog Post That Really Work


Reply by Classic NYer

author of Classic NYC Story 10/8/2011 11:17:23 PM
Read other blogs. Steal their ideas. Then give them credit. Hope someone does the same to you one day.


Reply by Colleen

author of Colleenie's Couch 10/9/2011 1:48:48 PM
There's no greater feeling than writing your posts in advance. Then when you know you're day is nuts with work and kids, you still have fresh info scheduled to post on your blog.

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