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What do you like to see on a Facebook Fan page?

Started by Amanda , author of The Crazy Candle Lady 9/2/2011 5:43:06 AM

I have a fan page and you can even head on over and check it out here.  I have been trying to come up with different ideas on what I should post.  Of course I want to put up my specials and things like that but not all the time.  I am also pretty sure people don't want to see that all the time.

So my question to you is what do you like to see on a page?  Contests maybe tips or ideas about a related topic.  Or do you just not like pages at all. How much is to much is a post a day to much or should there be more.

I know that you can't please everyone but I certainly would love to try. smiley

So I welcome your ideas and thoughts on this one and oh by the way please feel free to list your page below so I can head on over and check it out.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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