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Started by Carla , author of Carla J Gardiner| Symmetry Direct| Symmetry Genesis| Home Business| Extraordinar 6/25/2010 7:14:50 PM

Carla found it!

I found a way to earn the extra money my family needs for bills, retirement, and travel. Symmetry Direct was the answer to my prayers.

MLM, otherwise known as network marketing is a great industry to be a part of for many reasons, including all of the above mentioned reasons. It is an age old rule of thumb; the market place pays you for your value, for what you know, not for what you are capable of physically doing.

If you are able to lead other people to their dreams and goals you will be paid handsomely for doing so. Not so with your regular job, you get paid for production and when that production stops, so does your paycheck.

Why did I choose a direct marketing company called Symmetry Direct to earn extra money?

Here is my story:

It all started in 1997 when I was suffering from a lot of issues affecting my health; allergies, asthma, migraines, no energy, bad back/neck issues, being overweight, not to mention female issues (PMS and menopause). I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue, the dentist found gum disease, and I was stressed out of my mind due to my husband losing his job.

I had tried for 5 years working with my doctors and it seemed that my health only got worse instead of better. All medications that I tried, failed.

I decided to try vitamins and herbal supplements at my grandma’s urging, but didn’t get the lasting results I was looking for either. I did give it an earnest effort trying several trusted company’s products, to no avail.

Then a friend introduced me to Symmetry’s nutritional products that her aunt had shown her. I have to tell you though; it took her a month to convince me to try them. I was very skeptical, negative and depressed. I had lost all hope of ever feeling good again.

What finally convinced me to even look was this statement she made to me, "Carla, if you keep doing tomorrow what you've done today and yesterday...and you are looking for different results...keep on looking. You've got to change something for things to be different". I will always remember that statement, it changed my life forever.

I got started the night of January 31, 1997 and within the first month; I lost 12 pounds, got relief from the allergies and asthma. For the first time in years I slept really well with no pain in my back. By the end of my third month I threw away my inhalers, prescriptions and today, have not even used an aspirin for over ten years.

I felt so good compared to what I had felt like just weeks before, that I couldn't stop talking about it. I talked about it at work, at the Little League games, at the school board meetings...wherever I was...I was telling the story.

I breezed through menopause with no hot flashes or other symptoms, and even my daughter went from a raging, hormonal teenager, back to my sweet daughter, all within 2 months. To date, I have lost 70 pounds, we take zero medications and have not been sick, nor had a headache, for over 11 years now.

As time has passed my degenerative disc disease progressed causing extreme pain and swelling sometimes limiting my mobility. My doctors told me no surgery could fix it and I would have to deal with the pain. I have since reduced the stress I was under and added an extraordinary product, Genesis to my daily regimen.

The rest of the story...

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