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StumbleUpon WEEK 85

Started by Nicole , author of Rivera Runs Through It 5/9/2012 6:09:44 AM

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! This is going to be my last week posting the discussion here on Kludgy Mom. If you are interested (or know someone who is) in taking over from here on out, let me or Gigi know!!

In the meantime, give us your links for sharing:


1. share the url to ONE post (it doesn't have to be a current post, just whatever you would like to share with the world!)

2. share a link to your stumble upon profile

3. COPY AND PASTE THE URL OF THE POST YOU WANT TO READ INTO A NEW WINDOW. and "stumble" (give a thumbs up and/or review) each of the posts left by ALL OF THE others in the discussion (this may require you coming back to check up on the discussion later on in the week)

***Special request from some of our buddies that are trying out the new SHAREBAR (floating on the sides of the post): Please try to click the "stumble" on the bar.

5. **BONUS OPTIONS** (if your schedule allows) Comment, or retweet a post, put it on FB, or share it however else you would like with your own faithful readers

***SPECIAL NOTE TO COMMENTERS: make sure you stumble BEFORE you comment, otherwise you will be stumbling a different url! (For more on this discovery, read our discussion in week 38).

All the Best,

Nicole :)

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Reply by JDaniel4's Mom

author of JDaniel4's Mom 5/9/2012 6:45:51 AM

Here is my post:

You have done a great job! Thank you so much for posting this link!

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