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How do YOU get more traffic to your site?

Started by Nicole , author of The Activity Mom 7/5/2012 7:36:32 AM

What are you doing right now to get more traffic to your site? 

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I've doing memes and joined commenting groups.. they have help to boost up traffic a bit but have yet to see a major increase..still working my way through it.

I am new to blogging, so this helps so much. My biggest problem is confidence...I am worried that no one will want to read what I have to say. But in my search for support, I found it so wonderful to find someone to relate to, and thus important to put myself out there for others to find.


Reply by JDaniel4's Mom

author of JDaniel4's Mom 8/18/2012 12:16:06 PM
I have been bad about commenting lately.


Reply by Vicky

author of Mess For Less 8/30/2012 7:01:23 PM

Commenting and blog hops.


Reply by Amy

author of 8/30/2012 10:13:46 PM

I am trying to comment on more blogs and would like to get into some forums too. I also join facebook groups in my niche and comment there and post links.

Great ideas - I need to check out Google Ad Words as well. It's nice to see/hear what others are doing - thanks ladies!

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