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Showing Love.....HOW do you show your spouse he/she is loved? What things does your spouse do that makes YOU feel loved?

Started by Tara , author of The Dating Divas | Strengthening Marriages, One Date At A Time 8/8/2011 12:52:00 PM

I am sure a BUNCH of us have read the book, "The 5 Love Languages"....and I am curious....what makes YOU feel loved? I absolutely love it when my sweetheart compliments me.  Totally makes my day! 

Sooo....spill it! How about you?

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Reply by Maryanne @Scrappy Gifts

author of Scrappy Gifts 11/8/2011 6:37:30 PM

Quality Time for me for sure! Or getting time to myself now that we have kids.

My husband likes when I do things for him: clean, dinner, letting him have time to himself, etc.


Reply by Paula

author of My Memory Jar 12/26/2011 9:32:21 PM

My husband KNOWS he is loved by my words and actions. I not only tell him how much I love and appreciate him but I do things I know communicate to him how much so whether it's giving him a massage after a very rough day or letting him sleep in a little longer and bringing him his breakfast in bed. My husband starts my day off EVERY morning with "Good Morning Beautiful, I love you". And I KNOW he means it every single time. :-)

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