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Started by Kelly , author of Some-things Cookin' 12/20/2010 2:18:09 PM

Hi Amy,

What can you tell me about the VitaMix blender to make it worth $450?  It juicces whole foods too?  Where does the non juice part of the [carrot or whatever] go?  What do you do with yours?

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Reply by Carmen Bruno

author of Pebble Crossing 12/21/2010 11:17:33 AM

Kelly, we've had our vitamix for at least 6 or 7 years.  It has worked great.  The vitamix does make great smoothies and shakes and whatever you blend that is what you drink.  It is not set up like a juicer where the pulp is extracted.  So you would be getting the whole food blended up. I also use mine to blend my soups.  If you purchase the dry container as well, you can grind up your grains.


Reply by Kelly

author of Some-things Cookin' 12/21/2010 12:52:51 PM

I guess that's where I can't see justifying the price (yet).  I have a Hamilton Beach blender that is  about 10 years old that I know couldn't have cost more than $50 new, and I have a used HB juicer that I paid $20 for.  I use the pulp from jucing either in baked goods, or feed it to the chickens and goats.  I make great smoothies in the blender.  I have never heard of blending soups-maybe you can expound on that?  It sounds like I'd be better off buying a grain mill, but I'm trying to explore it all before spending any money.  Thanks for your input!


Reply by Kelly

author of Some-things Cookin' 12/21/2010 1:47:20 PM

Of all the things you listed, I can already do the ones I want with my blender.  I can cut veggies quickly by hand and the knife and cutting board aren't as difficult to clean as the blender.  The vitamix looks similar in that regard.

I know I'm sounding like the devil's advocate here, but I really don't see what it can do to make it worth $450.  I want to get a good grain mill and meat grinder, and if such a thing exists that will pull double duty as a blender/juicer, then it might be worth it.  But a $450 blender just seems excessive to me.  :-)


Reply by Amy @ Homestead Revival

author of Homestead Revival 12/22/2010 2:16:50 PM

 Hi Kelly,

If your blender will do all that, just hang on to it! I purchased my VitaMix after going through 3 blenders in 6 months. I was so frustrated, that my husband and I decided that we would invest in the VitaMix and I haven't been sorry. It just seems to do so much more than my old blender; and there are cookbooks for things you can make, including soup!

I will state that I do not have the dry container that is used to make grains into flour; I prefer to use my grain mill. But for someone just starting out and with only money to spend on one appliance - a VitaMix is enough to do all that a blender, food processor, and grain mill will do.


Reply by Kelly

author of Some-things Cookin' 12/22/2010 10:56:24 PM

Thanks for your honest answer, Amy.  If it would clean my kitchen each day, it would be more than worth it!  cheeky  I really do want to get a grain mill and meat grinder, and that's probably where we'll focus our attention and dollars.  I'll read anything I can find about the type you use, but it'll probably be a few months before we're ready to buy.  I think I can get a meat grinder attachment for my KA stand mixer.


Reply by Colleen

1/1/2011 12:07:22 PM

Happy New Year Amy & Kelly!  Saw your discussion about the VitaMix and wanted to add my experience.  I also had problems with several blenders and finally took the plunge into the VitaMix world.  Expensive--yes!  Powerful, convenient, reliable, easy to clean--YES!  In my experience, there is no comparison between a blender and a VitaMix.  I can push the VitaMix without destroying it.  I do everything with it: make smoothies, soups, & frozen treats, grind grains, blend heavy batters, etc.  It has never failed me.  It is expensive and there may be other alternatives, but my educated guess is that no similar appliance exceeds the capabilities of the VitaMix.  I use it EVERY DAY.


Reply by Kelly

author of Some-things Cookin' 1/2/2011 6:16:35 PM
I’m glad to hear you like yours-it’d be terrible to pay that much and not like it! The only thing I use my blender for is making smoothies-and a few other things-and it works fine for that. My parents bought us a juicer for Christmas and that’s going to be exciting to use! I’m going to order beets, apples (already have carrots), and see if I can find kale this time of year, and start making a daily juice in addition to our morning smoothie. Looking forward to getting some high nutrient foods in! Kelly :)

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