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Envious Much?

Started by Savannah , author of Hammock Tracks 10/19/2011 6:24:39 AM


I am curious about what others covet.  Although envy is not a big hang up for me, I'd by lying if I said I wasn't ever envious.  

My biggest weakness is body envy.  I have to work very hard and deny almost all sweet goodies to keep a decent body shape.  So when I see other women who can eat just about anything they want, I can become quite green with envy.

What makes you green?

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Reply by Carol Lawrence

author of Intentional Conscious Parenting 10/20/2011 7:49:40 PM

I've found that by the taking the admiration approach to those that are beautiful or have the so called perfect body I feel better all the way around.

Being envious doesn't get us anywhere. It can make us feel horrible.

This summer I changed my diet.

70% eating for my blood type: no wheat, bread, pastas, dairy, corn or red meat. I'm type A. Lot's of water. 

30% what ever I want. When i stick to this diet i loose weight very very easy. 

When i veer off of it it's harder. 

I use affirmations and positive self talk.

I think all women tend to feel inadequate on and off through out their lives. When you see someone you think is gorgeous or has the perfect body tell them they are beautiful, or think it. You will feel a shift inside.

Beauty does radiate out from the inside. People want to be around happy positive people. People who make them feel good, feel wanted and appreciated. No matter what that person looks like.

I often look at women on tv and think wow she's gorgeous then I'll hear my husband and 20 year old son make a comment that she's not that beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different looks, features, pheromones catch people's attention.

Thank you Savannah for starting a conversation. :)

Savannah, Envy is the product of perception, based on other peoples defintions which we as a society are taught .If you do not fit the perception that you've been taught simply change it. Own the peception make it yours. I once read an article where a woman felt like you deprived , of sweets or anything considered yummy. So what she learned through the years was she gave herself a three bite rule. She would allow herself 3 bites of something that normally she had stayed away from for years. For her it worked . she never gained any of her weight back that she had lost the years prior. She said she felt well balenced and never deprived herself again.. Life is to short to be caught up in trying to fit society's  mold on the perfect body the perfect hair  the perfect anything . No such thing .. So just be the perfect you "HAPPY" . Whatever that is only you can answer it... Thank you Savannah for the great question. It really is a huge problem in our country. Thanks for sharing and putting it out there for all to read and comment on. Namaste, Stacy

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