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#31DBBB Day 2 - Write a List Post

Started by Brittany Ciara , author of Not Your Average Teen 11/10/2010 9:54:10 AM

Discussion for today's post will go on here!

What do you all think about list posts? Easy... hard? 

I did a bucket list for mine. I thought it would work perfect!

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? 

Let's discuss here! :)

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I think list posts are fairly easy.  My problem is that I'm rather long winded and that could make for a really long list!

I'm actually waiting to write my list post because I'm only 6 posts away from my 100th post.  I'm saving my list post for the 100th spot and then I'm going to do a list of 100 somethings.  I'm not sure yet.  It'll probably be a combination bucket list / to do list.

Jenn, that sounds like an interesting 100th post! Somehow I find it too scary to come up with a list of 100 anything! lol!

Brittany, off to check your post. I'll probably do a list post (not a pure list, tho...I'm thinking a combination list & paragraph entry) tomorrow & link it up on your blog.

OK, my list post is up ... thoughts anyone?

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