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Ok to date more than one man at a time?

Started by Shayna , author of Life: Forward 8/9/2010 12:29:25 PM

When does it go from being okay to date multiple men to not ok?  When do you tell them that you're not exclusive - or as if you are? 


... and how do you keep the scheduling straight?! 

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Reply by Mommy's Mingle

author of Incompatible Browser | Facebook 8/9/2010 2:54:56 PM

YESSSSSSS!!!!!! just do not commit! and don't lie, and don't cut corners not to break hearts...someone is always going to have their heart broken. The best we can do is do it right...if that makes sense.    


its okay as long as there is honesty and remember OMISSION IS THE WEAKEST FORM OR LYING! Always be honest from the begining and let everyone involved that you are not on play on lol

when it comes to sex with multiple partners...

to each their own...AS LONG AS YOU WRAP IT UP!

I think its crossing the line when it comes to spreading std's and I dont judge a woman for how many sexual partners she has AS LONG AS THEIR ARE CONDOMS INVOLVED! 


Reply by Shayna

author of Life: Forward 8/9/2010 3:39:44 PM

Thanks for the input --- fyi, I meant date as in go out with, not sleep with ---- b/c the whole STD's, pregnancy, etc. consequences are too big (at least to me) to risk when just casually dating someone... of course that's an opinion that's always subject to change, but I wanted to clarify - thanks! :-)

oh thanks for claritying that because these days "DATING" can mean anything! There are people I know who think "dating" is hanging out with, having fun, having sex or just about anything...

but if there is no sex involved...then date away! it could be a million guys,...its all okay :)


Reply by Adrienne

author of A Balanced Day 8/9/2010 6:41:49 PM

Nothing wrong at all. I can't wait until I'm single so I can start dating and this time I won't focus all my attention on one person but with talking to men they seem to be under the impression that the girl is supposed to sit around waiting on him while he dates other women.

I guess a lot of men will be mad at me...


Reply by Kristen

author of The Dating Divas 8/10/2010 2:01:28 AM

Absolutely!  You must date many guys to see what you want most in your future spouse.  And remember even after you find the one, dating is a "forever" thing.

Check out our blog to find LOTS of great Date Ideas you can use before and after you are married.

Happy Dating!


Reply by Shayna

author of Life: Forward 8/10/2010 8:20:53 AM

Ooh, love the date ideas!  So far so good...

We have #1 who is an attorney, #2 is a college professor and #3 is a PhD working w/ technology/computers (yes, I freely admit that I have at best a vague understanding of what he does)... 

I agree with the rest of these ladies: dating multiple men at a time is completely acceptable, as long as you are being honest. Its not fair to lead someone on into thinking they are the only one. Its just unkind. 

Be safe, be smart, and be upfront. You'd want to know, right?


Reply by

author of | 12/20/2010 3:09:04 PM

It's OK to date more than one man at the time, as long as you are SINGLE.

As a courtesy, sometimes it's nice to communicate with your date that you are dating others as well, so it eliminates any ambiguity in the dating relationship - as in where you guys stand, the status of the relationship, etc.


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