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30 Hours of Leisure Time???

Started by Tiffany , author of Silly in the South 3/30/2010 4:43:57 PM
Today on Dr. Phil they are talking about a study that came out that stated the average stay at home mother has 30 hours of "leisure time" a week.  So I am curious do you think you have 30 hours of leisure time?  At first I thought to myself "NO WAY" but then they defined leisure and included any and all time that is devoted to a specific task.  For example, driving your kids to practice is leisure time.  Do you agree with this theory/study?  I am undecided.  I definitely do not feel like I have 30 hours of free time but maybe I do???  Let me know your take.

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Reply by Sofia

3/30/2010 4:52:22 PM
I leisure times are:
cooking dinner (with my kids if at all possible)
working in the yard
playing with kids
nap time when I can during weekends
walks with my girls
1 a month cooking class
1 week zumba

I believe it is what you decide it to be. I absolutely LOVE to cook and spend time with my girls. so to me that is my time, my leisure time. I would much rather that then do something totally on my own.

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