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Who do you write for (you, readers or sponsors)?

Started by Jenny , author of So Very Me: Ain't nothing' like being' me!! 2/6/2012 9:58:16 AM

So I saw this get asked at the SITS forum and I thought I'd slap it up over here for us here at OSV.ME to talk about :D

When you blog, who do you write for?

Who do you cater to with your post(s)?

Me personally, I blog for me and no one else. I try to make it reader friendly since I do get a little passionate at times, but for the most part I say what I want to say because I wanna put my opinion(s) out there and have a conversation with people about it. :)

I also like to brag about the little things here and there but that's not very often at all if ever :P

So tell us, who do you blog for?

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Reply by Ruthy

author of Superfluous Ambitions 4/5/2012 11:17:09 PM

When I blog I also blog for me since I use my blog as a source to document my life and what is going on. If others choose to read it fine and if not than I am okay with that as well. 


Reply by Sylvia

5/19/2012 7:45:01 PM
when I blog I usually want to get opinions from other authors or aspiring writers like myeslf about my work, I just wrote my first novel which I am now transferring to my computer and I would like to get some feedback and a following on my blog. However, I write for me as well because it is my passion!


Reply by Yolanda

author of Yoli Dreams 5/19/2012 8:04:29 PM

I'd say I mostly blog for myself. I don't have any "sponsors" and I'm not that big into making my blog about that. Most of my articles are about life improvement so sponsors don't necessarily fit with the content. Also I think if I write from a real place instead of trying to cater to others ultimately I will have more success and satisfaction from my blogging. 


Reply by Julie

author of Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life 5/20/2012 9:11:59 AM
Well one of my blogs I blog for me and anyone else going through the same thing I am. My other blog I also really do blog for me but also because I want to share what I have learned with others.


Reply by Mariangie

5/20/2012 11:36:10 AM
Well, I blog for someone like me. Someone who's facing the same struggles I have, someone who's searching the answers I just found...


Reply by Lisa

5/20/2012 11:40:55 AM
I blog, or write, 100% for my reader. I used to blog what I thought was interesting and good and great and I didn't make much money. Now I pay attention to what my readers most want and I make a lot more.


Reply by Jenn

5/21/2012 8:40:01 AM
Before blogging, I wrote-- a lot. My writing didn't have an audience then--and it was always just a way to get the "stuff" out of my head before it drove me crazy. Then I started blogging--and I have to say-- I didn't change a thing-- I still write for me. It is the one SOLID piece of advice I give anyone who asks--because it keeps the writer true to who they are and their audience will eventually follow. Cheers, Jenn.


Reply by MaryBennett

author of MaryBennett 5/21/2012 6:46:39 PM

As things happen in my life, I blog.  It can be a book my  mom sends me, or a cause that outrages my son and then me, my son breaking curfew (he's 22, it's in the Jacka$$ Parent post) or about being frugal or green, or both.


Reply by PerseveranceTech

5/22/2012 3:13:24 AM
Nice Blog Jenny!!!! Thanks for sharing.....:)


Reply by Ys

5/22/2012 7:21:27 AM
I'd say I'm the same as you, Jenny: I write for me, and sometimes to have a little brag hehe. I'm a writer so I just have to be writing all the time ;)

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