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Your 1st car

Started by Lori , author of Lori's LOLz 8/23/2010 9:51:56 AM

Mine was a 1969 blue Chevy Nova that I named Betsy.  What was your first car?

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Reply by Jamie

author of Avant Garde Parenting 9/3/2010 7:47:09 AM

Mine was a 1999 dark green Toyota Carolla. It's still running and my little sister drives it!


Reply by Amanda

author of amanda laura 9/10/2010 3:18:48 PM

A black 1998 Ford Explorer named "Grace Kelly"...I LOVED that car and would get it again in a heartbeat.

I think there is a special place in most hearts for that "first car" it's just an experience and a connection you never forget :)

1986 Buick Skylark - it was white with "Pimp" red interior (or at least that's how I referred to it in HS. My grandfather bought it for me for $2,000 which I now know was probably more of a burden on his budget then he let on. I put $3,000 into it in the three years that I had it. It was special in that it taught me responsibility. It was a great lesson in life. Perhaps I'll blog on this......hmmm.....

1992 ford mustang (i was spoiled and got it in 1996...) lol


Reply by katlupe

author of Homesteading On The Internet 9/26/2010 4:57:34 AM

1966 Oldsmobile 98, white with a black vinyl top. 


Reply by Bev

author of Evidence of Bev 4/30/2011 8:19:28 PM

I think it was 1969 VW with a moon roof. We had fun pushing it off to crank it..ha!

I had a VW convertible ~ I loved it ~ great on gas ^_^

Nice community ~ Lori ~ so glad I stopped by ~ this Blog Frog is getting bigger and bigger ~ hard to keep up with it ~ ^_^

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