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Gussy products for men?

Started by Maggie - Gussy Sews , author of Gussy Sews -- a blog of ruffles | sewing | inspiration | dream-catching | love. 2/20/2010 6:27:44 PM
Looking for your opinion on Gussy products for men. What would you like to see? Wallets? Zipped pouches?

I made a zipped pouch for Zack for his computer and iPhone cords {no ruffle} -- would your man be interested in a Gussy item?

If so, what would it look like?


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Reply by Corrie

2/21/2010 12:17:15 PM
Hey hubs doesn't really carry much w/him besides his wallet & cell phone but maybe something for his cell phone that he could clip to his belt? Whaddya think? Of course, no ruffle! His & Hers Gussy! Cute wedding/anniversary gift, dontcha think?

Mr. SCC does have a small laptop that he takes with him every day to work, something he could slip that in would be awesome! Think basic black.

My husband just isn't a "handmade" dude.  He doesn't get it.  :)  But, maybe a cool canvas laptop sleeve that zips or drawstrings at the top.  No handles.  Like padded around the body and then drawstring with one of those springy things at the top.  Do you know what I mean?  :) 

Those are my only thoughts.  :)  Dudes just don't seem to use as many accessories and us girls.  


Reply by mandie

author of Mandie's Mumblings 2/24/2010 12:53:19 PM
The shady gus that I bought last year is perfect for our flip camera that Gabe takes to school with him, but obviously, he won't use it with all the pink and ruffles. :)

This is all great stuff!

Hayley and Mandie -- you've got great ideas! Thank you :)


Reply by mandie

author of Mandie's Mumblings 2/24/2010 1:02:24 PM
I think a nice textured grey or black canvas would work nice for a guy...or perhaps a burlap or linen- just something more neutral. ;) Plus, they could always use it as a glasses case, or for an iPhone, too.

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