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Do your little ones usually fall asleep in the car seat?

Started by Nantawan Bennett , author of My Charming Kids Bua & Ben 11/13/2010 12:39:46 PM

Do your little ones usually fall asleep in the car seat?

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Sorry, I was out of town when you posted this.

Yes, my kids regularly fall asleep in their carseats.  In fact, if I drive anywhere too close to naptime, it is a struggle to keep them awake.

On another note, because of reflux and constant congestion, my boys actually prefer to sleep in their carseats (you know the infant carrier kind).  We are working on moving them out of them, but my ped says it isn't hurting them.  Still, I can't imagine it is as comfortable as a bed.


Reply by K.D.

author of Everyday Beautiful 1/28/2011 10:48:22 PM

When they were really little, they almost always crashed in the car. Once they were on a sleep schedule, they would only sleep in the car if it was near nap time.

Now they rarely sleep in the car. There are too many interesting things outside to look at!  

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