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Entitlement Era

Started by theresa , author of Rock On Mommies 6/20/2010 11:19:58 AM

Fellow Rock On Mommies Tiffany wrote a fantastic post about raising an Entitlement Era.  Here's a quick excerpt.  What do you think? 

Since when did we become so soft on discipline?  I know it’s easier to give in than it is to stand firm and set clear boundaries but, isn’t that part of the job description?  How can we expect to raise strong and resilient, resourceful people if we don’t demonstrate those same qualities ourselves…it’s all about the leadership.  No child deserves a private club membership, a wardrobe replete with designer labels, trips to the salon, the latest video games, etc, etc.  There are times when a reward is nice to recognize an achievement, or something special is warranted for a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, First Communion, but, as a matter of course, day in day out…

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