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If someone were to ask YOU, what would you say?

Started by Kelly , author of Wisdom Begun 2/22/2010 6:31:06 AM
One of the most typed in searches on Google that lead people to my page is "recipe for raising a godly child." As parents, aren't we always looking for that practical direction, that little nudge in the right direction?
I believe that as Christian parents we have the especial opportunity to learn from one another, to shore each other up, to encourage each other to raise godly children. Thankfully, most of us do not have to do this alone!
Yet, what if someone came up to you and asked you this? "What is the recipe for raising a godly child?" What would you say? What would your response be?
I'd love to hear it!

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Reply by Ali

author of an ordinary mom 2/22/2010 10:58:56 PM

I guess I would say that the #1 ingredient would be to be godly ourselves, and this is the hardest ingredient to keep stocked. 

We have to live it (godliness) more than we blow it, and every time I acknowledge that I convict myself... to keep my head in the game, to try harder, to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep on keepin on...


Reply by Kelly

author of Wisdom Begun 2/26/2010 8:46:29 AM
Ali ~
Absolutely! I agree one-hundred-percent with you. My own personal struggle with this is keeping a cheerful attitude. My children often pick up on my "Oh good grief, MORE laundry? Ugh, I have to do dinner! This work never ends! Why me?"
I am trying to have that heart of Mary while doing what God has called me to do.
So. not. easy.


Reply by Ali

author of an ordinary mom 2/26/2010 10:37:43 PM
Exactly- I can relate, completely.

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