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Started by Wired Moms , author of Wired Moms | Keeping our children safe in the digital world. 8/21/2009 2:57:33 PM
We have heard alot about kids that cyberbully each other.  But what do we do when the cyberbully is a mom?

This week a 40 year old woman was found to be the culprit behind a case of cyberbullying when she took out her vengeance online by posting the picture, contact information and place of work of a 17 year old girl on Craigslist.  She posted the information in a section for companions.

Law enforcement is trying to figure out what to do with kids who cyberbully each other but it looks like there needs to be another category for grown ups (who should know better) who cyberbully online and an even harsher penalty for those grown ups who cyberbully children.

What do you think should be done?

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I think Moms (and any adult) who engages in cyberbullying should be punished to the full extent that the law allows.  How in the world can we expect our children to follow our example when there are adults out there acting like children.   Its a disgrace and very sad, actually.  We can't take the tools away (Facebook, Craiglist, etc) but we can put policies and consequences in place that let potential adult cyberbullies know that it won't be tolerated.

BTW, welcome to the BlogFrog and congrats on your new community!

Holly at TheBlogFrog

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