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I'd love to have some good decorating disussions on here!

Started by Rhoda , author of Southern Hospitality — Adventures in Decorating, Thrifting, Cooking & Garde 7/8/2010 5:35:31 PM

In an old decorating forum that I was a member of for many years, we had a lot of fun sharing ideas and asking opinions on the board. It was one spot that we could all come to bounce ideas off each other, share things that we had done, and just discuss a lot of different topics.

That's what I'd like to see here.  We can upload pics and share links, so there are all sorts of things we can talk about.

Anyone have a decorating dilemma or something you want to start off the conversation with?  I will try my best to check in here frequently for topics and keep things going.  I'll try! wink

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Reply by Vanessa

author of At The Picket Fence 7/29/2010 11:28:26 AM

Hi Amanda! I just hopped over to take a look at your foyer and you guys have done such a great job! I definitely think adding pillows to the bench will help but I agree that you need something in between the mirror and the bench. A shelf would be good or some kind of long wall plaque with hooks. With some seasonal accessories it would add a lot of charm!

Good Luck!


Hi, Amanda, glad you popped in! I agree that a shelf would work well above your bench as long as it doesn't stick out too far.  You could then add some seasonal items and change them out along the way.  That would be cute and pillows on the bench is a big yes too.


Reply by Denise

author of pink postcard. 8/2/2010 7:13:59 PM


how about some vintage architectural elements?  You can find them at architectural salvage yards.  Something flat like old decorative trim or even some vintage door knobs as hangers mounted on some wood trim?  One hot thing I've been seeing a lot of are the panoramic (extra long) team photos from the 1920's.  That would fill in nicely above your bench!

Different sized architectural numbers in various colors and finishes might be cool too! 

Have fun!  Looks like a good start!



Reply by Heidi

author of Simply Faux Painting 8/8/2010 11:46:41 AM

Hi Amanda,

I love the yellow and I am glad that you did paint the trim. I would suggest to hang a chandelier,maybe vintage, iron something in that era. The scale of the mirror is a bit too small ( the bigger the better in this case) If you don't want to buy a larger mirror, move it to  the left of the door and hang it vertically. I feel  that you need some color punches. Buy  a really cool large  art canvas with bright colors to make it more like a room(warmth)  

Now you can pick up the colors from the art work and create pillows, On the bench you could stack some books, and maybe a flower pot or even a cool vintage pitcher for fresh flowers. I would get rid of the floor mat and bring in a carpet, which could be just sisal (Target, Walmart etc) cost 79.90. Maybe you can find one with black trim(pick up black in art)

With the new color trend for 2012 you also could go with these colors 
Hope I was helpful.

God Bless

Heidi - plays with paints



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